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Keylite is Europe’s fastest growing Roof Window Company. Keylite Roof Window designs have been driven by constant innovation and listening to client feedback. The results are a functional, easy to install thermally efficient Roof Window.

Keylite’s Australian product range has been specifically designed to deliver the same functionality as its European cousin at the same time as meeting and exceeding all relevant Australian standards.

Stewart Woodger, Head of Keylite Business Development in Australia says “It’s the small things that separates Keylite Roof Windows, like having an industry leading glazing specification and an inbuilt thermal collar to prevent thermal bridging in installed windows.

Features like these allow the product to deliver a market leading U-Value of 1.4 across the Keylite roof window range.   

Skylights & Roof Windows

All Keylite Roof Windows come with the same extra thick Double-Glazed glass. Keylites external glass is the thickest “off the shelf” Roof Window available and can withstand just about any size hail stone.

We’ve doubled the Argon void between the glass for extra comfort which also adds to the 36DB sound reduction. Keylite Roof Windows are available in Fixed, Manual, or Electric opening and come with a standard flashing for tile roofs.

The windows can be complimented with the simple to install flashings for Tile, Corrugated or Metal roofs.


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All Keylite Roof windows can be complimented with our Solar Powered remote-control blinds.

Keylite blinds are available in off white, but for special orders you can choose from over 30 different colours and patterns.

Keylite loft ladders

Attic Ladders

 Keylite offer 4 different size Attic Ladders. Keylite Attic ladders have been designed for ease of installation and thermal efficiency. Remember, that a lot of heat will build up in your roof cavity, so Keylite designed an extra thick lid for insulation and added an extra compression seal to keep it airtight. This will stop hot air transfer from your loft to your room below.

Features include:

  • Flick-fit installation Brackets
  • Easy separation of ladder from frame
  • Fit frame to ceiling separate from ladder
  • Fit ladder component to frame for completion
  • Easy one person operation
  • Insulated trapdoor
  • Built-in handrail
  • Slip resistant tread
  • Recessed locking system

No1. Roofing & Building Supplies; our quality products, service and reputation are what make us number one for customer satisfaction.